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Our contribution

OMIC-Engine’s strategic goals include the ongoing education of the upcoming scientists and the academic community in the emerging field of Synthetic Biology. Aiming to fulfil these goals and in parallel familiarize students and experienced scientist in the latest Synthetic Biology innovations and technologies, OMIC-Engine has launched a series of Training Schools. In this framework, OMIC-Engine supports scientifically and technically the Greek teams that aim to participate to the International Synthetic Biology Competition, iGEM.


Training Schools

OMIC-Engine has designed specialised educational courses that cover a plethora of Synthetic Biology’s applications and technologies, in order to address interdisciplinary collaboration and attract new scientists and research groups.


iGEM Competition

Aiming to promote education and involvement of undergraduate and postgraduate students on the field of Synthetic Biology, OMIC-Engine supports the participation of Greek teams at the International Synthetic Biology Competition, iGEM.

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