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Seed Projects


Synthetic Biology demands the intensive collaboration between different scientific fields that naturally are irrelevant. OMIC-Engine aiming to develop and promote interdisciplinary research on Synthetic Biology, has established a funding plan for common research projects, called Seed Projects. Every Seed Project will utilise OMIC-Engine’s research personnel, infrastructure and facilities under the umbrella of a research proposal.

Research Topics

Seed projects developed through the OMIC-Engine Research Infrastructure, are intended to demonstrate exceptional innovation in a plethora of research fields including analytical methods, technology development as well as the launch of new products and services in the context of AgroFood sector.

The research topics that could be developed via Seed Projects include: synthesis and characterisation of new DNA fragments, de novo enzyme synthesis and production, development of electronic/robotic systems and biosesnors, proof-of-principle studies, software development and disposal.

Time Length & Funding

The time length dedicated to a Seed Project is between 2 and 8 weeks. Funding opportunities depend on the project’s timeline at OMIC-Engine’s collaborating laboratories and could be:

1.  Up to 200 euros for transportation fees

2.  80 euros per day for the researcher’s accommodation (40 euros if accommodation is not needed)

3.  400 euros per week for lab supplies and equipment expensed on the host laboratory.


Selection and funding for the visiting researcher depends on the availability of the host laboratory and the dedicated budget of the OMIC-Engine Infrastructure, regarding the Seed Projects.


Seed Projects aim to promote scientific and research excellence and they are not part of OMIC-Engine’s services. Do not hesitate to contact us, at, regarding our Intellectual Property Rights policy.

*Seed Projects are intended to be available for the Greek scientific community. In case you want to collaborate with us, please contact us via our e-mail

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