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Interviewing OMIC-Engine Researchers

Dr Maria-Eleni Gregoriou

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Thessaly

Ηow Synthetic Biology approaches could advance species-specific insect control methods by environmentally friendly means?

Meet iGEM Thessaly 2019

The first interdisciplinary team from the University of Thessaly that will take part in the iGEM Competition.

OMIC-Engine meets iGEM

In our first OMIC Webinar we dove into the world of the iGEM Competition and welcomed the 2020 Greek iGEM teams from Athens, Thessaly and Patras. We asked for Greek iGEM Alumni to share with us their current experience and send a message to the Greek iGEM teams, aiming to support them during their journey to the Giant Jamboree.

Athina Milona


EU iGEM Ambassador

iGEM Thessaly 2019 Alumni

Anastasios Galanis


After iGEM Research & Academia Committee

iGEM Athens 2019 Alumni

Vasiliki Kavvatha


Member of iGEM's EPIC Programme

iGEM Thessaly 2019 Alumni

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