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About OMIC-Engine

OMIC-Engine is the National Hellenic Research Infrastructure on Synthetic Biology that aims to develop a holistic approach on promoting Synthetic Biology in research, education and industry. Its research activities are focused on unravelling the role of the Agro-Food sector in Greece and developing high value products.

OMIC-Engine was established in 2018 and belongs to the 20 Research Infrastructures financially supported by the Operational program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (NSRF 2014-2020) with a budget of 4 million euros. The University of Thessaly coordinates the Research Infrastructure and has joined forces with 8 Greek Universities and Research Centres from five different regions in Greece, aiming to create a network on Synthetic Biology.


The collaborative academic institutions within the Research Infrastructure are:


Our role

OMIC-Engine, in the context of interdisciplinarity, combines the knowledge of Biochemists, Biotechnologists, Molecular Biologists, Chemists, Engineers and Bioinformaticians, in order to expand Synthetic Biology research, technology and applications to the academic community and industry.

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