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Professor, University of Thessaly

Kalliope K. Papadopoulou is an Associate Professor in Plant Biotechnology in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Thessaly. Her main research interests are in plant secondary metabolism, with emphasis on biosynthetic pathways of triterpenes and glucosinolates; manipulation of synthesis in legume model- plants; expression in heterologous systems; biological activity assays of crude extracts and purified molecules and in molecular plant-microbe interactions with emphasis on endophytic fungi, symbiotic relationships and multi-partite interactions.

Dr Papadopoulou has 51 publications in leading journals in the field of plant sciences, a h-index of 24 and more than 1400 citations. She has coordinated and participated in 19 projects funded by the EU, National Bodies (GSRT-Greece, Ministry of Education, RPF-Cyprus) and agrobio-industries. Recent projects involved the EU-FP7 programme, (TRIFORC).

Currently, she is the Deputy Research Coordinator of the National Infrastructure for Synthetic Biology OMIC-Engine.


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