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After iGEM’s SynBio United Event coming up on July 17th!

After iGEM’s Global Alliance of SynBio Associations organises the “SynBio United” Event on Saturday 17th July 2021 at 13:00 - 16:30 UTC.

This first-ever virtual gathering aims to actively foster communication and collaboration between Associations and Networks from all around the world. This event will be open to everyone, from members of existing associations to people interested in joining or starting one.

Through this event, the Global Alliance aspires to spotlight the efforts of local Associations in democratizing synthetic biology knowledge, fostering and engaging a community of synbio enthusiasts, supporting and impacting education, research, bioeconomy, and much more!

We will also be there!! Learn more about the SynBio United Event here and register for free.

About the Global Alliance

Through the iGEM competition, iGEMers learn and apply core values: integrity; good sportsmanship; respect; honesty; celebration; cooperation; effort; and excellence. They also learn the importance of engaging and including the public in the scientific conversation; and the power of working together to solve gaps in the bioeconomy. Many iGEMers take these learnings and values to continue making an impact in their local communities, through regional associations and other informal organizations. The Global Alliance of SynBio Associations wants to recognize the contribution of these communities to society and to the advancement of synthetic biology.

Learn more about After iGEM and the Global Alliance.


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