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BioRoboost: OMIC-Engine is the lab of the month!

Last April, the European project BioRoboost included OMIC-Engine in its newsletter, as the lab of the month. At the same time, the research carried out in our collaborating laboratories in Athens was presented, regarding the finding of new microbial chassis for Synthetic Biology.

Read the relevant news, below.

About BioRoboost

BioRoboost proposes to bring together the most relevant stakeholders from all aspects of standardization in biology in Europe in a co-creation scenario; empirically test cultural (laboratory-centered) standardization practices and promote a consensual conceptual and technical redefinition of biological standards; and, lastly, to foster a realistic and flexible toolbox of standard biological parts, including a reduced set of specialized chassis for specific applications, as well as a renewed conceptual framework to inform policy makers, scientists and other social actors.

Learn more about BioRoboost by clicking here.


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