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OMIC-Engine's 1st General Assembly. Larisa 21-22 November 2018

OMIC-Engine's Director Prof. F. Kolisis talking about the present and future of Synthetic Biology in Greece

Rector of UTH and member of OMIC-Engine Prof Z. Mamouris wellcomes all participants

OMIC-Engine's research coordinator, Prof K. Mathiopoulos talks about the future of the Infrastructure

Assoc.Prof K. Papadopoulou is OMIC-Engine's Deputy research coordinator.Responsible for joint research activities

Assoc.Prof K. Moutou is OMIC-Engine's principal investigator. Summarizing all available services offered by the Infrastructure via member labs throughout Greece

Assoc.Prof D. Karpouzas is OMIC-Engine's principal investigator. In charge of Publicity, networking and IPR

OMIC-Engine's members, staff and UTH students

Presentation about thermostable chassis

OMIC analyses by NTUA

OMIC-Engine's Research coordinators, principal investigators and management @day 2


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